Boundaries Explored: Empowering Young People with Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills


Boundaries Explored: Empowering Young People with Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Presented by Dr. Madeline Wishart

Humans are social creatures, and as herd animals, our social instincts and connection are not simply desirable, but the basis for our collective survival. The period of adolescence is a unique confluence of self-discovery and social integration, where the art of connection becomes both a challenge and a necessity, as they learn to balance independence and support; connection and autonomy; and prioritising the self with others.

“Boundaries Explored” offers a practical workshop that provides you will the skills to empower young people with essential interpersonal skills, drawing heavily from the Interpersonal Effectiveness module of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). It’s a day dedicated to mastering the delicate balance of honouring self-respect while nurturing relationships, learning to assert without offending, and to request without overstepping.

Interactive and dynamic, we will delve into the DEAR MAN, GIVE, and FAST techniques, fostering the ability to communicate effectively while respecting personal limits and boundaries. These skills encourage young individuals to embrace their uniqueness and develop the confidence needed for positive and reciprocal relationships. This workshop provides actionable strategies to that young people can utilise to assert themselves, build and maintain healthy relationships, and engage in balanced social interactions.

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Virtual: Friday 26th July 2024
Virtual: Friday 30th August,
(this date was previously scheduled in Melbourne but will now be a virtual workshop)
Virtual: Friday 1st November

All workshops are 9am - 4pm

In the event that covid related issues prevent a F2F event going ahead workshop will revert to an online format.


ACTIVE CPD HOURS: This workshop has an optional post workshop assessment. Delegates who complete this assessment are able to claim 6 hours of Active CPD.

CPD Hours: All other delegates are able to claim 6 hours of self identified CPD in your respective professions.


Virtual Workshops:
Early Bird:
$352 inc GST (3 weeks prior to workshop) Standard: $407 inc GST (within 3 weeks of workshop)

F2F Workshops:
Early Bird: Workshop: $407 inc GST (3 weeks prior to workshop) Standard: $462 inc GST (within 3 weeks of workshop)


Dr Madeline Wishart is a Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in nonsuicidal self-injury (NSSI), and young people who experience difficulty in regulating their emotionally and tolerating distress. She has a PhD, along with a Masters in both Professional and Clinical Psychology. Madeline has a combined history of both research and practical experience across a variety of settings. She has worked in the education, community, private and psychiatric sectors as a youth, school, trauma counsellor, and psychologist. In an academic and research capacity, Madeline has been employed as a sessional lecturer and project officer at Victoria University; and a research officer at Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) in Melbourne. Madeline also has over 18 years of experience presenting on managing and treating NSSI in young people. She has recently been working as a psychologist at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital. Madeline currently divides her time between her private practice – Wishart Psychology; and working in a consultative capacity with schools providing professional development, therapeutic support and policy development around NSSI and coping skills more broadly.

Dr Wishart is an outstanding speaker. With an academic background and vast experience in working with young people, including years as a school counsellor, Dr Wishart provides extensive knowledge and highly practical workshops - much of which you will be able to directly and immediately incorporate into your own schools.