Mental Health in Schools Conference


Please ensure you read the T&Cs below.

Terms & Conditions, Poster Presentations

  1. You have read, agreed to and meet the following eligibility criteria and poster presentation format requirements.
  2. Accepted authors will pay and register for the full MHIS Conference by the given deadline. Failure to register will result in the poster abstract being withdrawn.
  3. Presence of Author (Representative Author) at the MHIS Conference mandatory for acceptance of Poster Submission.
  4. The acceptance of a poster presentation does not imply provision of travel, accommodation or registration for the MHIS Conference, nor any other costs associated with preparation or presentation of the abstract, or any costs associated with attendance at the MHIS Conference.
  5. You agree to provide a short verbal presentation of your poster at an allocated lunchtime session. Please note that this is limited to 15 minutes. ProPsych suggests a verbal presentation of no more than 10 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for questions. 
  6. You give ProPsych permission to publish your poster title and abstract on the MHIS Conference or ProPsych website, on CD ROM, USB drive and in the MHIS Conference Handbook if it is accepted for presentation.
  7. You give ProPsych permission to film or photograph your presentation at the MHIS Conference, post it on the MHIS Conference or  ProPsych website or distribute it to ProPsych delegates electronically or via online.
  8. You confirm that your submission has been approved by all authors.
  9. You confirm that this is an original project, research or idea, OR, sources acknowledged appropriately (according to standard academic citation).
  10. Accepted poster presentations MUST be sent to ProPsych no later than Friday 3rd April 2020. Delivery details will be provided upon acceptance of Poster proposal.
  11. No correspondence will be entertained regarding the selection of posters.
  12. Poster Specifications: Posters can be on cardboard, foam board or paper digital prints. Size MUST be 90 cm width and 150 cm height (Vertical format only) Note you cannot display a horizontal format poster with the width 150 cm; the space on the horizontal will be 90cm width only.
  13. Posters will be fixed in the designated space on the morning of the first day of the MHIS Conference between 8-9am. Please note that this will be done by ProPsych staff, and may involve pins, blue tack of cellotape. If you prefer to affix the poster yourself, you must contact ProPsych prior to the conference.
  14. Posters are to remain in place for the duration of the conference. They can be removed at the conclusion of the the event e.g. 3:30 pm on Friday.
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