2024 MHIS Conference Program

The 2024 Mental Health in Schools Conference


Sydney, Thursday 16th & Friday 17th May 2024
NSWTF Conference Centre, Surry Hills

Adelaide, Thursday 23rd-24th May
National Wine Centre

Melbourne, Thursday 30th - Friday 31st May
The Melbourne Convention Centre

*Please note, the programs are still being updated


Session 1
  • Conference Opening & Welcome
  • Opening Keynote: Unsiloing the Self: Understanding the Relationship between Connection and Autonomy (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne)
    Professor Bill von Hippel, Professor of Social Psychology
Session 2
  • Keynote Presentation: Elements of Affirming School Cultures for Gender and Sexuality Diverse Young People (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne)
    Dr Victoria Rawlings
  • Presentation: TBA (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne
  • Presentation: School Belonging and School Costs for Families in Specialist Homelessness Services (Melbourne)
    Suzanne Willis
Session 3
  • Presentation: Developing a National Voluntary Mental Health and Wellbeing Check-in for Australian School Students. (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne)
    Professor Ron Rapee & Dr Lauren McLellen
  • Presentation: TBA
  • Keynote Presentation: It’s all about the Flex: Breaking the Hex of School Refusal (Sydney & Melbourne)
    Dr Shannon Morton
  • Keynote Presentation: Hospital School SA - A health and education multidisciplinary approach to address the mental health needs of young people in South Australia (Adelaide)
    Matthew McCurry


Session 1
  • Keynote Presentation: TikTok: Everything you wanted to know, including how to make it safer for students (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne)
    Dr Scott Griffiths
  • Presentation TBA (Sydney & Melbourne)
  • Presentation: SWAG @ St Mary’s College: Student Voice to enhance social and emotional connection (Adelaide)
    Michelle Brown
Session 2
  • Keynote Presentation: Mindfulness in education: A critical examination of recent findings (Adelaide & Sydney)
    A/Professor Nick Van Dam
Session 3
  • Presentation: Mathematics Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms, and Strategies for Resilience (Adelaide)
    Dr Florence Gabriel
  • Presentation TBA (Sydney & Melbourne)
  • Keynote Presentation: Scaffolding for Co-regulation: Why Connectedness is Key! (Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne)
    Dr Madeline Wishart