Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you download the end frame and include it at the end of your film:
Download End Frame

  • The Mentalicious Short Film Festival is a competition which is arranged, conducted and sponsored by Propsych for the general purpose of raising awareness and improving mental health among adolescents.
  • Mentalicious opens on 30th January 2019 and entries close on 30th March 2019.
  • Films entered in Mentalicious must be made specifically for the Film Festival. The films entered must not be screened publicly (eg. YouTube, other film festivals) prior to release by Propsych.
  • Films entered in Mentalicious must include the provided end frame at the end of the film.
  • Students entering the competition must be either enrolled at an Australian or New Zealand education facility or be residing in Australia/New Zealand and studying at an approved educational facility at the date the film is submitted into the competition. Students must provide permission (via the Mentalicious entry form) for Propsych to obtain verification of the student’s enrolment status at the specified Australian educational facility. Entry is open to secondary school students in years 7-12.
  • Students will be split into two judging categories; Junior: 7-9 & Senior: 10-12
  • Students must be responsible for the key film making roles. Films must be written, directed, produced and technically developed by students. Teacher, parent and other filmmaker assistance is permitted but must be limited to non-creative roles (eg. Planning assistance, technical advice, funding, etc.)
  • The total running time for films entered in the Mentalicious Short Film Festival is 5 minutes or less.
  • Entries to Mentalicious must be submitted online to YouTube and have the privacy settings changed to unlisted. Participants must then email the video link to info@propsych.com.au by no later than the closing date of 30th March 2019. Entrants are expected to allow enough time to upload their submission film file by the closing time. No submissions will be accepted after this date.
  • Valid entries must include a link to the YouTube video, the completed online entry form ­and have made payment by 30th March 2019. Entrants must follow the submission instructions on the entry submission page on the Propsych website.
  • Students/schools may enter as much productions as they wish. However, each entry must be submitted separately via the Festival’s online entry submission page.
  • Non-students may be used as actors or for voiceovers as long as they are directed by students.
  • All entries must adhere to the Parental Guidance (PG) Rating, as set out in the Guidelines for the Classification of Films (2012) – Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995. The Guidelines are publicly available at the Australian Classification Board website (http://www.classification.gov.au).
  • Films that do not comply with the PG Classification Guidelines will not be deemed as valid entries and therefore will not be screened or judged in the 2019 Mentalicious Short Film Festival.
  • All necessary permissions, authorities and licences must be obtained for the use of equipment (eg. Vehicles, machinery and chemicals) as props during film making. Propsych is not responsible for seeking or obtained proof for such authorities for the purpose of judging, distributing or presenting films entered into the Festival.
  • In relation to copyright in all visual materials and music, all necessary permissions, authorities, licences, consents, releases and waivers from third parties who own the third party material and intellectual property therein must be obtained by the entrant and submitted with the entry via the online entry submission page. Obtaining these permissions, authorities, licences, consents, releases and waivers is not the responsibility of Propsych.
  • Propsych will not accept responsibility for consequences arising from films screened without copyright in all visual materials and music, all necessary permissions, authorities, licences, consents, releases and waivers; such consequences will be passed over to the filmmakers and/or school.
  • The judging panel and Propsych hold the authority to determine the winning films. No dispute will be entered into the judging panel and Propsych’s final decision.
  • The prize for the winning films will be awarded by presentation of a cheque to the value of $500 and a certificate to the school or other recognised educational facility that the student filmmakers attend.
  • Propsych’s appointed judging panel will determine the winning films. Winners will be announced at The Mental Health in Schools Conference in May, 2019.
  • Award winners agree to participate in the publicity for the awards as well as other promotional events, if required.
  • Propsych reserves the right to use the entries for any purpose they choose.
  • Films may be screened to the public in various capacities, including on www.propsych.com.au, YouTube, television, public film screenings and other channels. Propsych reserves the right to screen the films without seeking additional permission from entrants.
  • Propsych will not provide payment to any entrant for the public or private screening of films entered into the competition.
  • Propsych does not receive payment from the organisers of public events where competition entries may be screened.
  • Entry to Mentalicious is not a guarantee that the material will be screened and Propsych reserves the right to choose which films will be screened.
  • If finalists wish to attend the screenings, all travel costs are at their own expense.
  • Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, Propsych is not liable and does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever (including, but not limited to direct, indirect or consequential loss) or personal injury suffered or sustained by any person involved in the making of the film.