School Refusal Masterclass Program

School Refusal Masterclass

Facilitators: A/Professor Michael Gordon & Sandra Jelley


9-10.30am: Whole school approach to Managing School Refusal: Driving change in school culture, understanding investment benefits, change management fundamentals, including the entire school community

Achieving effective “buy-in” of students: Creating an environment of genuine trust for students, student confidence in staff and whole school system.

12.45- 2.15pm: 
Additional essentials: Working with, and extending school culture and expectations to, families/carers, developing effective transition arrangements to include school refusal behaviours, risk factors and identifying students at risk; determining when to back off and when to push a little harder.

2.30-4pm: Effective support for students currently school refusing or at risk of school refusing: Standard and Novel strategies, Policies and procedures, troubleshooting, when all else fails…

Prior to the workshop, participants will be invited to bring along relevant school policy documents to review and to contribute specific case examples or particular difficulties that they may have faced when managing school refusal.


Propsych is proud to announce a very special event, the School Refusal Masterclass; an intensive, experiential, full day event, designed to equip you with the practical and effective tools to drive and implement a whole school approach to managing issues of school refusal. School refusal is a serious mental health issue. It’s prognosis remains poorer than nearly all other mental health issues in young people. School refusing students who do not return to school suffer serious disadvantage and long term implications. There is an urgent need for schools to address the problem.

Building on Propsych’s Understanding, Treating & Managing School Refusal Workshop, the Masterclass is designed specially for past attendees who want to take their knowledge of school refusal to the next level and initiative genuine and lasting change in the way that your school manages issues of school refusal.

The School Refusal Masterclass is designed for people who have attended the Understanding, Treating & Managing School Refusal Workshop or, who have a solid knowledge base of school refusal. If applying for this workshop without having completed the Understanding, Treating & Managing School Refusal Workshop please contact Propsych to clarify: