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Are you an Australian or New Zealand high school student in years 7-12?

Are you interested in the Mental Health of yourself and others?

Are you interested in being part of the solution?

Propsych's belief that solutions must include the input of young people has led us to initiate this short film competition exclusively for Australian students in years 7-12.

This competition aims to showcase the talent and creativity of students whilst raising awareness and eradicating stigma surrounding Mental Health.

Judging will be split into two categories:

Juniors (years 7-9)

Seniors (years 10-12)

The chosen winner of each category will be presented with a certificate as well as a cheque to the value of $500!

Entries are now open!
Please see Terms & Conditions.


What is Mental Health? 

Mental Health involves our emotional, psychological, physical and social well-being. The quality of our Mental Health affects the way we engage in everyday life; in relationships, academic/work performance, how we handle stress and our contribution to our communities.

Mental Health problems are common, and they can happen to any of us over the course of our lives, impacting our thoughts, moods and behaviours.

Fortunately, help is available and we can engage in different practices or behaviours to support our Mental Health. 

Sometimes it’s just a conversation with someone we care about that can make a difference!

We want to hear your ideas about the prevention, treatment or stigma surrounding Mental Health problems.

* Please read terms and conditions carefully. All entries strictly subject to T & Cs
* This is a non-profit venture. The nominal entry fee is there to cover administrative and advertising costs.
* That said, Propsych certainly understands that fiscal issues can be a hindrance. If you are a student (or a teacher with a student) who is unable to cover the entry fee, PLEASE DO CONTACT US AND WE WILL FIND A WAY!

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Fairytales, by Jacinta Ashby, was one of the finalists in 2018 Mentalicious and we feel it deserves a special mention. 
Jacinta has since gone onto present at another Propsych conference and we are now proud to announce that Jacinta is an official Mentalicious Ambassador for Propsych. 

 Congratulations Jacinta Ashby from Nazareth College, Victoria.