The ProPsych Approach

Propsych provides professional and practical support services to help schools deal with the multiplicity and complexity of student emotional and mental health issues.

Today’s schools are dynamic, energising learning and development centres. Although the primary role is to educate our young people, they are increasingly called upon to care for students’ social, emotional and sometimes, practical needs. A growing body of research suggests that children’s capacity to learn correlates strongly with their emotional state. It is through the pastoral contribution of all staff members that the goal of providing an environment that fosters student well being is achieved.


School psychologists, counsellors and other welfare staff provide an important safety net within schools to assist students in need of specialised assistance with individual issues. In addition, they are a great resource for teachers and other school staff who also care for the overall wellbeing of their students. Propsych’s passion for, and loyalty towards, the school psychology profession results from seeing the positive effects that school psychologists make, not only to students and their families, but the whole school community. The need for a common understanding, respect and partnership between the psychological and educational community is at the forefront of Propsych’s work within schools.

Propsych is an initiative of Paula Teggelove. After 18 years in the education sector, as an educator and school psychologist, Paula has a particular interest in school processes and how the growing need for school psychologists & counsellors can best be serviced. The well-being needs of young people are increasingly complex and schools are uniquely placed to provide a great deal of well-being support. Paula believes that school psychologists & counsellors are ideally placed to provide much of the additional support for young peoples’ emotional and mental health, both on an individual basis and in the knowledge and expertise they bring to the entire school community.